Descriptive Essay On Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci was a talented scientist, inventor, painter of the Renaissance europe. Modern scholars referred to him as "the most perfect representative of the Renaissance", is unique in the history of mankind all rounder, his greatest achievement is his masterpiece of painting, "Monalisa", "the last supper", "virgin of the rocks" and other works, reflects his superb artistic attainments. He believes that the most beautiful object of nature is the human body, the human body is a wonderful work of nature, painters should be the core of the object of painting.
He is a deep thinking, knowledgeable, versatile painter, astronomer, inventor, engineer. He is also good at sculpture, music, invention and architecture, and knows mathematics, physiology,
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He uses the dark tone of painting, so that characters from the shadow highlighted, breaking through the traditional paintings reveal the characteristics of the clear, indicating the arrival of the…show more content…
"Lady with an ermine" Da Finch is the most distinguished portrait works, reflects the profound realistic skill. This beautiful portrait paintings, noble temperament calm, girl embrace of the White Mink coat color Guangrun, true to life, full of vitality, fully embodies Da Finch's superb painting skills, and lifelike vivid images make up the white mink. This place the most striking portrait is shade, painter of light and shadow to bring out the cutting head and Qili sub elegant gentle face. Vivid, make the portrait by people
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