Descriptive Essay On Like Silver Water

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Alessandra Leone
Mrs. Comberiate
English 9 GT Period 2
19 September 2014
Like Silver Water

Stepping towards the window, my heels clacked on the hard floor as I pulled aside the dark, heavy curtains. I put my pale fingers against the crisp coldness of the glass, and pressed my forehead against the firm icy surface. The night was black and still, and the stars were tiny sparkles in the sky. A serene silence wrapped itself around me like a blanket as I gazed out into the night. Outside I could see electric trees and tangled Christmas lights and the frosty winter moon. The tang of dying fir lingered in the air, and the house smelled like warm chocolate. I could hear faint music and laughter coming from downstairs.
My aunt was a graceful, petite woman who loved to paint and dance. She was the artist of the family. Her three cats adored her, and she would always have one twining around her legs or purring in her lap. With a twinkle in her eyes, she would call herself a cat lady and pretend to hiss at us whenever my brother and I misbehaved. She was always the one I knew to go to if I ever needed to talk or ask for advice. In her typical jeans and sweater, one moment she would be tromping around in the woods with me, and the next leading the church in song. “What are you doing here all by yourself?” a voice kindly asked. The curtains rippled as I whirled around in surprise. But it was only my aunt, with her dark curls and big, laughing brown eyes. I was at her house; an

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