A Night Before Christmas Narrative Essay

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Alessandra Leone
Mrs. Comberiate
English 9 GT Period 2
19 September 2014
Like Silver Water

Stepping towards the window, my heels clacked on the hard floor as I pulled aside the dark, heavy curtains. I put my pale fingers against the crisp coldness of the glass, and pressed my forehead against the firm icy surface. The night was black and still, and the stars were tiny sparkles in the sky. A serene silence wrapped itself around me like a blanket as I gazed out into the night. Outside I could see electric trees and tangled Christmas lights and the frosty winter moon. The tang of dying fir lingered in the air, and the house smelled like warm chocolate. I could hear faint music and laughter coming from downstairs.
My aunt was a graceful, petite
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The curtains rippled as I whirled around in surprise. But it was only my aunt, with her dark curls and big, laughing brown eyes. I was at her house; an old drafty place that charitable people said had “character”. The power had gone out because of the storm earlier today, and the candlelight lent a certain romantic air to the house as we celebrated the night before Christmas. “Nothing,” I quickly replied. “I was just thinking.” She raised her eyebrows at me, her mouth curving into a smile as the grandfather clock downstairs chimed midnight. Hurrahs and whistles could be heard from downstairs, wine glasses clinking as our family celebrated Christmas Eve. Her eyes gleamed mischievously as she grabbed for my wrist, tugging me forward impatiently. “Come on, I have to show you something!” She exclaimed as I let myself to be dragged down another room which she creaked open and gestured me inside. I cautiously stepped inside, my feet shuffling against the carpet. The room was bare except for some boxes that had been unceremoniously dumped to the side of the room. Then I saw the piano. It glimmered in the soft candlelight, the polished ebony an elegant

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