Descriptive Essay On Listening To Music

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I haven’t been to many concerts in my life, but I have been to a few. One of my favorite things, a hobby you can say, is to listen to music. There always seem to be a genre that goes with my mood. If I’m cleaning its pop. If I’m working out its rock and rap. I listen to all different types of music: rap, rock, country, 80s, and more. I never thought of myself liking classical music before. The most recent concert was a country concert, Granger Smith, and loved the experience. But when I heard Lindsey Stirling play I had to investigate the classical genre. Before going to the concert, I had only heard Lindsey Stirling play once, on a show called “Dancing with the Stars”. She had two of her songs featured for her dance numbers and from there I was transfixed. When I went to her concert I knew next to nothing besides the few songs I had heard, but I knew that I was in love with her music. I did find out while watching the show that she was known as the “Dancing Violinist”. So, on November 28th me and my husband went to the Tobin Center for Performing Arts in San Antonio, TX. What greet us there was a long line of people waiting to go in. After an hour in the cold waiting to go in we were finally able to go in to our seats. I was almost ready to go home and say forget the concert, an hour of waiting in the cold while being 34 weeks pregnant was not fun, but Lindsey Stirling came out and the crowd went wild with excitement. As soon as she started playing “Christmas C’mon” on

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