Little Red Riding Hoodie Narrative

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Little Red Riding Hoodie Once upon a time, but not so very long ago, I was the lead witness in a murder. Everyone thinks Little Red Riding Hoodie was the girl’s name, but the story is really about me. I came to know the girl when I was given to her for Christmas. Her favorite color is red like the color of her favorite sports team, the Wisconsin Badgers. She needed something warm to wear while she was riding the bus to school. I provided her that warmth and protection from the bitter Wisconsin winter weather. She wore me so often that year that I started to fade and the velvety softness on my insides turned coarse after many washings. We were the best of buds and went everywhere together. So much so that she received the nickname “Little Red.” She didn’t even have red hair, so obviously they were referring to me. I loved her and protected her, except no one could protect her that fateful day.…show more content…
I’m playing Fortnite,” she whined. “Go on, call an Uber because I need the car to go to work. I will pick you up after work and bring you home. Granny’s osteoporosis is acting up and she needs help,” Little Red’s mother pleaded. She handed us the list of groceries. There was like 20 things on that list! There were things I have never heard of like Fix-a-dent, Tide Pods, Keurig Cups, and Depends. “Mom! Have you seen this list? There is no way I’m doing this!” Little Red

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