Personal Narrative: Lost Life

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Lost Life New York the city that never sleeps as said. The city where the crowd arises at dawn, the nightlife never ends. In the horde of millions of New Yorkers there are few who fail to seize the ultramodern life of New York, the best part of the city is that it is so loud you never have to listen to any of the thoughts that are going on your own head. I Allen being a New Yorker neither felt nor experienced the haste and vibrant streets around, guess was too busy preparing for my retirement plans. Due to my work holism & obsession with money I lost myself. I lived a fast paced life where money was my desire and time the outlay, you cannot blame me for that I was eight…show more content…
It was a rainy day in New York, and there was road rage all across the city’s downtown, to avoid being late I walked to my workplace but couldn’t reach there as I met an accident on my way and was in a critical condition, I was transferred to the hospital by a homeless on the side walk. I had seriously damaged my liver and would die within a year. I had gain conscious after 3 days of medical attention. I was despaired, and would want to die instantly instead of dying gradually and painfully. I had locked myself into darkness and sobbed for weeks, but then realize that 365 days are all I have, I cannot earn back the time I lost but could use the time I had to fulfill all my wishes. I was recommended bed rest and was on leave for an entire month. I had planned a road trip with my friends a few years back but due to some issues we couldn’t make it. I was contacted by my friends after all these years to join them for a road trip from New York to Los Angeles. It was time for me to live. We did not have any plans the only thing we were aware of was our destination. We filled the gas tank and were on our way to…show more content…
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