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I love having makeup on, especially when it's all non-toxic! In this article I will share with you what makeup I am currently using and where you can get it. Face: 100 Percent Pure BB Cream (Luminous) I thought this BB cream would be too pink for me, but it goes great on my face and lasts all day. It has a thick texture, which I prefer, but may be too thick for some people. It completely hides away imperfections when combined with some concealer. It is $39 here ( Adorn Cosmetics Hydrating Cream (Fair) I got a sample of this foundation from my Petit Vour subscription box. So far, I've only been using it for a few days, but I love it. It gives me a matte look and…show more content…
The samples they give you are a generous amount and they're cheap. If you buy from this brand, I recommend getting the blush and eyeshadows in loose powder form, not pressed because it is made differently with a few other ingredients. The Cherub color is what I have been using lately. It is a pretty, subtle rose color and looks natural. It is only $7.99 on their website ( No Miss Cosmetics Hideaway Eye Disguise I never knew this brand existed until I came upon it on Thrive Market( Normally, it is $12 but it is only $6.45 at Thrive Market with a membership. I use it to conceal underneath my eyes and the areas of my face that are prone to redness (my T-zone, my nose, the sides of my nose, etc.) and I also use it to brighten areas like the inner part of my eye areas. Physician's Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Tinted Moisturizer (Light to…show more content…
I don't have to wait until it dries to blink, which is a bonus. I recommend this because it isn't toxic and you can also easily find it at a drugstore or grocery store. It is $6.69 on Amazon Lips 100 Percent Pure Lip and Cheek Tints (Cranberry Glow) I love this brand because it is plant-based and you can't get much healthier than that. The two tints I have smell nice and look good. They are a little bit too pink for me, but I still love them. I sometimes use it on my cheeks as well when I need to add a quick touch-up on blush. They are $25 each on their website Burt's Bees Lip Tints (Honeysuckle) You can read my review here. I love them and definitely recommend. They are $7 on Amazon

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