Descriptive Essay On Mexican Food

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Tortillas, tamales, and beans, oh my! The Valley is the perfect place to be for the more realist Mexican food without crossing the border and for the best Mexican traditions to have around. My great grandparents´ house was always the place to be, food or just for family time. After school, walking into my grandparents house, you would always find my great grandma in the kitchen right by the stove flipping tortillas on the pan. She always made sure to leave rolled dough ready for us to flatten with rolling pins that she had out just for us. As a kid, I never had a perfect flattened circle, they always came out as every other possible shape, but a perfect circle but they were still so delicious after my grandma would cook them over the stove.
You can never go wrong with beans and tortillas! My great
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When everything was ready, we all had to go to what wed be doing, it was a system that was set up. My grandpa and grandma and one of my cousins were the ones to spread the masa on the corn husks, then it was passed down to my section, where we would fill in the tamales with chicken, beans, or Philadelphia cheese and then roll them. We would pass down the rolled tamales to the table where my sister and other cousins were waiting with sheets of foil paper stacking the tamales sides by side or over one another making a dozen, then they 'd wrap them up. They never left out the little ones, my grandma would set up this little kiddy table in the living room for them and have them spread masa on the corn husks. Whenever they were done with a few she would go get them and fix them up a bit to use, but those would go to our batch that we 'd eat there. It was a whole day of being all together and making tamales and by the end of the day we were eating tamales. It 's the best tradition yet that our family has.
Tortillas, tamales, and beans, a part of Mexican foods and traditions that we have here in the valley, no need to cross the border to get a feeling of the Hispanic
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