Descriptive Essay On Mountain Biking

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Going mountain biking is one of my favourite ways of keeping fit and keeping my weekends busy. In particular mountain biking down hills and nature parks is my favourite pastime. When riding down trails in wooded areas, one must always be cautious of their own safety and become accustomed to wearing the right gear for when doing the trails. As much as they may seem exciting and wild to be involved with, it makes sense to be prepared to protect yourself. Mountain biking holidays are simply breaks away and trying out their trails. Some places can be as exotic as Andalucia, Spain or South Africa. These offer great views, good trails and plenty of bikes to hire (unless you decide to take your own). People do not generally need a lot of experience to take part in these kinds of holidays; however, it helps to have some off-road biking experience and some trail riding experience. Without knowing how to ride down hills and bumpy surfaces, you may find it difficult when going abroad to mountain bike. These can very often be fun if you have full control of your own bike, but would prove to be a difficult adventure for those who are under confident in their riding skills. Mountain biking holidays are aimed at providing people a unique experience as a holiday break, but also allowing them to see the joys of mountain biking in a different climate. For those going for the first time and have a little bit of experience with riding bikes on rocky hills, they will need to take heed of a
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