Descriptive Essay On Museum

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The museum that I decided to go and visit was the Getty Museum. The Getty Museum is one of the largest art organizations, which is located in LA. As I was visiting this museum, I came across many art pieces that stood out and caught my attention. These art pieces also attracted to me on an emotional level, which further allowed me to connect to the artist as a whole. Some of these art pieces include “Irises” by Vincent van Gogh, “Clementines” by Daniel Gordon, and “Partition 31” by Christina Feser. Besides the art that I observed, the exhibit overall was excellent. The people and the mood that I experienced while visiting made me feel a sense of belonging. Everyone around me was just as interested in the art as I was, and they were very kind and welcoming. Overall, my…show more content…
However, now that I know the techniques of art and the process behind it, it allowed for me to view the art in a whole new perspective. Once I arrived at the museum I was indemnity surrounded by art of all sorts of colors and sizes. The first art piece that stood out to me as I was wondering among the museum was a painting named “Irises”, which was painted by Gogh. This painting illustrates a plaint called Irises and its colorful nature. This painting made me feel alive and welcomed, and as I was viewing this picture I connected it to myself and everything around me. I viewed the flowers as myself, and how I 'm always growing as a person each day that passes. I viewed the roots as the people and events that surround me, as they make me who I am. Also, beyond the meaning of this image, I can see many strategies that the artist used to grasp the audience attention. Just like the many art pieces that are shown in class, I can see that the artist used bright colors to not only draw attention the Irises but to also set the overall tone in this
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