Personal Narrative: My Gun

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It was the Christmas of 2010, snowy and white with grey skies, it was the first christmas in our new house in Eastlake and we didn 't have much. My auntie Meco, who was favorite person who had ever lived, walked from her hotel down the road with my cousins Cecil and Dennis, They didn’t get much either so everything felt right, didn 't anyone feel jealous about each other’s gifts because we all mainly got the same stuff. Cecil decide to go outside and play with his nerf Gun and encouraged me and Dennis to come play too. “Cuzo yo gun little cuz mine all fye ya up on baby.” I was intrigued with what he said because i had to prove that my gun was better, so we went outside to the front yard. The front yard was wide and was fenced but a few days earlier a wreck…show more content…
“Mane that ain’t fair, i wanna play guns too!“ Exclaimed dennis, because he was so young he would cry and get his way, and he knew this and would always run in the house and tell on us. So dennis decided to run in the house and tell because we wouldn 't let him shoot the nerf guns. “ that ni**a is a snitch on God, i really hate when bra be round us, he always cryin likea fem man d*mn.” we continue to shoot our guns and not even twenty minutes go by and my mama came outside and makes me give dennis my gun , i got up set, went into the house and locked myself in my room and played the game alone. Mad because i had to share, i didn’t tell My auntie nor my cousins bye or I love them even. That was my last day Ever seeing my auntie alive, She left this world on January 15, 2011. She was stabbed seventeen times and one slit to the throat by some junkie. Apparently somebody next door sold drugs and the man thought the room he was at was theirs, he knocked and brutality attacked my Auntie she fought back and he decided to end her life. She had just came from dropping off her sons off at
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