Descriptive Essay On My Best Friend

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“How much is this one for?”, I asked the owner of the vet shop.
“Fifty bucks”, he replied.
I was looking for a puppy, the one which Sarah had. A fluffy white one. The way how she trained her puppy and kept her for four years in a very lovely manner, encouraged me to buy one too. I looked for a puppy in almost every local pet shop but they were all so expensive. I only had thirty-five dollars and fifty cent in my pockets.
Every now and then we used to go to the park to hang out with each other but Sarah always took her puppy with her. Sarah is my best friend since prep, we have always been together like we always used to participate or take part in sports and in academic competitions. Her puppy has been with her since grade four and now we are in grade eight. She named her puppy Cookie. Whenever I enter Sarah’s house, Cookie starts barking because it recognizes me and it starts playing around with me. Sarah has so many memories with Cookie that she won’t even lend her over to a friend for a couple of hours.
One day I was walking with Sarah to the park with Cookie tried to a dog leash. Whenever we walk to the park Cookie is just walking with no trouble but this time she was trying to escape the leash and run away. She was not feeling comfortable when going to the park so Sarah held her tight. She got very worried due to Cookie’s strange act. This time there was no child sitting on the swing like every day. We tied Cookie’s leash around a bench and raced each
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