Personal Narrative: My Best Horse Show

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My Best Horse Show On a bright monday morning in June my family and I were packing to start heading for the state horse show that I was in. As my dad pulled into the driveway with the camper he honked the horn and said, ”Bring all of your pakings and lets hit the road.” We are traveling all the way to perry GA. with our neighbors. My mom and dad was driving separate because someone had to haul the horses so I decided to ride with my mom incase something happened. As my mom and I were driving down the road my dad said on the walkie talkie, “that there was something laying on the road and that we needed to switch lanes.” So we did and later on down the road there was a car that was laying upside down. We noticed that the thing we saw…show more content…
As it was almost time for me to start running, I was so excited. When they called my name to run, the butterflies in my stomach built up more and more. The first event was the states race the one event that I don 't practice a lot. My run was really fast but not fast enough to keep up with these people. The next event was the poles. I was so glad that the pole was the next event because I was decent at it. I may not have been fast enough but I didn 't knock over any of them so that was just as good. The third of the six events was the cones. This was my best event. I did really good on it I was one of the fifteen people advancing to the next round. The next event was the texas barrels after that it was the arena race then the last event was the cloverleave. On all of the three barrel races I did just bad enough to not be able to go to the next round. About three hours after the first wave was the second round. I was only racing in the cones. As it was my turn I had the fastest run ever then at the last cone my foot came out the sturrup. If my foot would not have come out I would be able to go somewhere big.That was the end of riding for that week for me. The good thing is that my friend made it all the way to the competitions of the
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