Personal Narrative: My Return To Nebraska

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A great number of my peers talk about leaving Nebraska. They say it is boring and they want to see the world. I also want to explore and see the world, but on the other hand Nebraska will always be my home. Nebraska is the perfect amount of small town and big city, it’s the best of both worlds. In addition, the people in Nebraska are friendlier than in big cities like New York. For example, if you drive down a country road, the drivers will wave as they pass by you. Also, others will smile at you as you walk down the sidewalk, while people in big cities barely make eye contact. When I think of Nebraska, I think of the beautiful sunsets that can be viewed from anywhere. Furthermore I think of the openness of Nebraska. It doesn’t feel crowded…show more content…
The first of my family to come to Nebraska were John and Scarlett Reinhardt (my dad’s Family), Peter and Ana Carl (My grandma’s maiden family), along with Anthony and Margret Hoffman (My mom’s maiden family). John and Scarlett were Germans who lived in Russia. Around the late 1800’s there was a new leadership in Russia which caused them to leave. They met each other on their voyage to America. They came to work in the sugar beet fields of Nebraska. Peter and Ana Carl were married in Germany and lived there around 1888. They took a boat to New York and from there got on a train and traveled to Sutton, Nebraska. They had Brothers and Sisters already living there. And finally, Anthony and Margret Hoffman. They came from Lexingburg, Germany. Around 1888 they arrived in Nebraska. They were one of the first settlers in Roseland and built Assumption Catholic Church. Which I assume is the roots of my family’s religious origin. A great deal of my family traditions stem from our religious origin. Every Christmas and Easter, we go to mass as a family. During the Christmas season, we also set up a nativity scene, but we don’t add the figurine of infant Jesus until Christmas day. Besides our faith filled traditions we also have ones that we made along the way. Annually on Christmas we take a family photo in front of the Christmas tree. I find this unique because you can see
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