Descriptive Essay On My First Date

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Today was the big day! I finally went on a date with someone in what feels like a million years. After deciding to change my gender, I have been extremely busy trying to get used to the life of a women, who’s also a transgender. Dealing with friends and family and getting them to understand what I’m going through kept me busy for awhile, so I didn’t have time for dates. I was incredibly nervous because my friend introduced me to a guy and I saw him for the first time today. The fact that this was my first time being on a date as a girl made the butterflies in my stomach even crazier. His name was Noel; that’s all my friend revealed about him except showing me some photos from his Instagram. I had a feeling that he was a gentleman who keeps everything classy, which is the type of men I’m into. Him choosing my favourite restaurant for the date was a pretty clear indication that we were a good match. Though I was excited, I was worried and agitated at the same time. I felt like a thirteen-year-old going to the cinema with her crush. I was home already by three in the afternoon getting ready, even though the date was at seven in the evening. The scars from my plastic surgeries had healed recently, so I could finally put make up on and wear exposing clothes. I know wearing a dress to the first date can be too much but I had to because everybody dresses up for that restaurant. I wanted to wear a dress without worrying about it. It’s kind of weird, you know, looking at myself in

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