Descriptive Essay On My First Day

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I woke to the sound of my bedroom window rattling. Was someone breaking in? A flash of lightning almost blinded me as it lit my room. I waited several seconds and then the rumble of thunder came rolling in. Rain began to pelt the window and the wind was starting to gust as a black wall of clouds rolled in blotting out the sun. The weather fit my mood, I felt depressed. It did not help that my head was pounding. I always seemed to get a headache when a cold front came through due to the change in barometric pressure. I looked at the clock by my bed and the neon-blue numbers said it was 6:59. I knew I had something important to do today but for a moment, I couldn 't get the sleepy fog out of my mind. I was not a morning person but something told me I needed to get up. I heard my Mom holler at me and my brother, "Get your butts out of bed, you have school today." There was another flash of lightning and much quicker rumble. The storm was getting closer. My first day of high school and I was going to get drenched running to the bus. I heard my older brother get to the bathroom before I did. Great, having him in the house was worse than having a sister. He would hog the bathroom until it was time to go. We shared a bathroom between our two rooms. To heck with it, I had to pee. When I heard the shower start, I walked into a wall of steam coming out above the shower curtain. My brother Greg jerked the shower curtain back. His dark brown hair was plastered to his head and I saw

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