Child Psychology: A Short Story

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I woke to the sound of my bedroom window rattling. Was someone breaking in? A flash of lightning almost blinded me as it lit my room. I waited several seconds and then the rumble of thunder came rolling in. Rain began to pelt the window and the wind was starting to gust as a black wall of clouds rolled in blotting out the sun. The weather fit my mood, I felt depressed. It did not help that my head was pounding. I always seemed to get a headache when a cold front came through due to the change in barometric pressure.

I looked at the clock by my bed and the neon-blue numbers said it was 6:59. I knew I had something important to do today but for a moment, I couldn 't get the sleepy fog out of my mind. I was not a morning person but something
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My best friend was not talking to me. My old friends were keeping their distance. My new crew was afraid I was going to rat them out. My family was ready to disown me. At that point, Dad stepped in and decided I would go to my Uncle 's farm for the summer. My Uncle needed some help and Dad figured if I was stuck 10 miles from the nearest town I wouldn 't have a chance to get into any further mischief.

What I didn 't know was my Uncle John had a degree in child psychology. I just thought he was a farmer. With a combination of hard work and long talks, I began to pull my life back together. We put in new fences around 65 acres of pasture. I ran the posthole digger for the duration of the summer. At the end of each ten-hour day, I was exhausted. I was pretty sure there were child labor laws, but who was I going to tell? The first two weeks I decided he was trying to kill me. I had never been so sore in all my life. Each night I would force myself to eat dinner and shortly thereafter, I would collapse in my bed.

The funny thing was the last week before I came home I was looking for something in the barn. I found an attachment to the tractor, for drilling postholes. When I got my uncle and showed him, he just laughed at me. At the time, I didn 't think it was
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