Personal Narrative: Getting My First Dog

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Getting my first dog was very stressful. I knew this dog since he was born he was my sisters but they couldn 't take care of him. I always said i will take him , but my parents would not let me we always had a argument about it because i knew i could do it. My sister and i would always talk about it at her house. ¨One day i 'm going to take him and not care what mom says.¨ ¨You can 't take him till mom says you can, you will just get in trouble¨ she explained. ¨It don 't matter he belongs to me, he knows he does too, Pepper knows he is mine you can tell!¨ ¨I know you want him, but until they agree he is here, but i hope you can soon because i 'm not sure how much longer we can keep him.¨ she said sadly. ¨I know, i 'm trying just give me…show more content…
He isn 't in a fit home they are never there and they never make sure he is taken care of. I know Toby is sick and i don 't want to be left with nothing when he isn 't here anymore.¨ At this point I was pretty upset that they wasn 't agreeing, i was not going to get the dog i have always wanted, from the beginning. I didn 't know what to think at this point, i was full of emotions i felt lost, he was my baby boy and my parents wouldn 't let me. The next day, which was a Wednesday i continued to clean everything buy things around the house, making sure there was dinner and cleaning everything to make sure everything in the house was clean. I started to change my attitude and being more nice and helpful. I wanted to prove i 'm responsible and trustworthy. ¨I cleaned the house today, nothing should need cleaned and im doing laundry.¨ ¨That 's good, why are you doing this because you use to not help out at all?¨ she said

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