Descriptive Essay On My Haunted House

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My Haunted House OMG!!! I think my house is haunted! I heard doors opening and closing in the middle of the night. The microwave going off for no reason. laughing sounds coming from my basement and And I heard people saying my name I don 't know who they are but I hear them it is weird and I told my my parent say that it 's just me But it 's not just me I hear it I see it one time I saw some black figure out right in my living room it 'll is all black and tall and I went to the bathroom as I went back to my room and I almost crap myself I ran into my sister 's door and broke it. I got really scared and I told my parents like no you 're just trying to scare us But I said okay then it’s okay watch when you get captured in the middle…show more content…
And I will go on for hours on the day. and then one time this life about two weeks ago I fall footprints in the snow and I was investigating them and I was like matching it to my family 's feet is it then matched any my family 's feet and they let straight to my backyard like their footsteps in the substrate of my backyard and in this suddenly stopped and then it turns around that goes straight and then they disappear because my parents is the driveway. In one day our next door neighbors are next next door neighbor had some weird thing going on I think he was a demon coming out of the ground so it was a nice summer evening and I was in the room and I went to the kitchen and I got a snack then I looked out the window of our living room and I see they have two golden retrievers and I see one of them and it 's slowly falling down so I go up and I go outside and I look up and the dog is sinking and like it 's like sinking into the ground. So I knock on their door and say hey your dog is thinking that all you 're just playing around but I was like I know your dog is actually thinking no, Kaufman and the end. They had this big sink hole in the middle of their backyard and the weird thing is that it looks like a big

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