Descriptive Essay On My Kitchen

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The Smoke Kitchen

I think there’s nothing as delicious as a just made tortilla. My aunt makes them on a clay flat griddle called comal that is placed over the fire. She has one of those kitchens that are used in the ranches and that are called “smoke” because they are lit with wood instead of gas and that stain in gray and black the walls and ceiling. My aunt says it 's a mess, but I like it much more than my home city’s clean kitchen where there’s no fire and it doesn’t smell as good.
In those soothed walls, my aunt has plenty of hanged clay pots and pans, there are also different sized jugs which are decorated in contrasting bright colors and designs, she also has more iron and clay flat griddles and little wooden boxes were she keeps fruit and vegetables. Sometimes the chickens enter to the kitchen to snoop around, but the cat soon jumps from a corner to chase the intruders away which were seeking for some corn or rice grains that had fallen on the kitchen’s floor.
My aunt always keeps a pot filled with coffee next to the fire, so it’s always warm. The coffee is delicious and fragrant, and it’s sometimes sweetened with brown sugar. She gives me some for breakfast and I drink it with a warm bun. It’s delightful! It tastes like cinnamon, vanilla, and sugar. A boy with a basket of freshly baked buns comes around
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I have seen that when they make mole they place on one of the pot handles a little bunch of elderberry leaves, they say that it is to prevent the mole from getting sour, because if someone craves it when it’s still cooking it can give it the “evil eye”. Elderberry leaves also prevent children from getting an “air” or the “evil eye” from people who envy them and that can get them sick. That’s why moms usually wrap elderberry leaves in their children’s clothing to protect them from getting
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