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oday, Myrtle Beach is one of South Carolina's premiere vacation destinations. It has beautiful beaches, entertainment complexes, and championship golf courses. In short, it is the perfect vacation destination for families, couples and groups of friends. Myrtle Beach hotels are varied, catering to all budget levels and tastes. The area generally enjoys a mild and warm climate that attracts visitors from colder northern parts of North America. Myrtle Beach, however, was not always a bustling metropolis. For many decades, it lay dormant and was a wild and undeveloped area.

The Earliest Settlers in Myrtle Beach

Records show that prior to European arrival, the area was occupied by the Waccamaw Tribe. Their primary activities included fishing and trading with other communities upriver. In 1526, a group of Spanish colonists settled 30 miles south of present-day Myrtle Beach but the community did not last long; it was abandoned after a short period of time. It was only again in the late 18th century that European settlers returned. They built tobacco and indigo plantations which were only moderately successful. A few families received land grants along the
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During the late 1900s. the US 17 Bypass was completed, linking the various coastal communities. The city of Myrtle Beach continues to see urban growth with suburbs extending to North Myrtle Beach and Long Bay. Just south of the city, the Murrell's Inlet and Pawley's Island are gradually becoming part of the greater Myrtle beach area. Residential areas continue to grow and many of the golf resorts have incorporated housing estates on their grounds. This provides both residents and visitors with the opportunity to stay within a stone's throw of the golf courses. There are more public golf courses in Myrtle Beach than most golfing destinations in the U.S. Special golfing and family vacation packages provide you with access to several courses during your
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