How To Describe A Beach Town

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Enjoy Newquay - A Unique Beach Town In The South Of England

Great surf, friendly people and amazing cafes are only a few of the things Newquay has to offer. It is the perfect holiday destination for anyone who enjoys being by the seaside. There is so much to see, do and eat so make sure you stay for at least a week.

Newquay is situated in the heart of Cornwall, a county in the southwest region of England. The area is known for long and rocky coastlines, beautiful villages and mild climates. Many English tourists come to this area over the summer, as it is where you will find the best weather and beaches in England.

The main surf beach – Newquay

There are many great things to do in Newquay. As Newquay is one of the best
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They are incredibly large and have no fear in stealing anything and everything they can get a hold of. You will find many of them throughout the town, especially down by the beach. Best to keep indoors when you are eating and drinking to stop these beasts from stealing your food!

Newquay has a great nightlife and you will often find many people enjoying their stag/hen dos here. In particular I would suggest visiting the walkabout, an Australian bar that has a big dance floor and offers cheap drinks. Another great club to visit is Weatherspoons. It is always incredibly busy and is a good place to meet new people. Drinks are also quite cheap here. If you are after a more relaxed atmosphere, I would suggest visiting The Red Lion, an old pub that over looks the water.

The Walkabout (Picture Sourced from The Local Data Company)

If you are looking for a place to stay for a reasonable price, I would recommend going to Belushis hostel. It is in the centre of town and has a beautiful view of the sea. It is also a bar as well as a hostel so again a great place to meet new people if you are on your own. You can either book a private rooms or stay in a shared room depending on how much you wish to pay.

Newquay is a great town with a lot to offer. You can either have an action packed holiday or simply enjoy relaxing by the
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