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Starting from the breathtaking city scape of Stockholm of Sweden, passing through Copenhagen of Denmark, all the way through the high and mighty Norwegian fjords and ending at Oslo of Norway! This trip is all that you need to revitalize and rekindle your love for all things good which Mother Nature has to offer. This trip consists of nine days in which you will get to experience the rich Scandinavian culture. Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe comprising of three countries with common history, culture and language. Characterized by a unique ethno-cultural North Germanic heritage, it comprises the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The land of the legendary Vikings, who are famously known for their notorious and barbaric acts of savagery, which included raiding and plundering; this awe-inspiring visit is what you need to instill in you a love for history and culture. You will be guided in each and every step of the way, from where to stay to where to visit, ranging from tasting the cultural flavors of Sweden to the high and mighty freezing fjords at Norway. Here is our itinerary for the nine day…show more content…
For your last day, you can opt to wander around the city and have a brief glimpse of other attractions of the city, including but not restricted to the Viking Ship Museum, the Akershus, the Oslo Cathedral (after which you can opt to visit the Oslo Bazar and buy some souvenirs), the newly opened Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, the Royal Palace (located at the northwest end of Karl Johansgate), Natural History Museum and Botanical Gardens, the Munch Museum (dedicated to Norway’s greatest painter, Edvard Munch) and even take some pictures with the statues at Vigeland Sculpture Park. You can choose to get your last taste of Norwegian food at the various restaurants and cafes. Finally, you will be dropped to the Oslo Airport for your flight

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