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As defined by a pet peeve is, something that annoys or bothers a person very much. Throughout my life I have found many things that bother me such as slow drivers or drivers that have no idea how to drive, compulsive liars, or oddly people who play the same song over and over. But, by far my biggest pet peeve is waiting on people. It sounds very general but I have zero patience when it comes to either waiting outside on someone or waiting till last minute to make plans. Waiting is a very broad pet peeve but, here’s some examples to explain my kind of pet peeve. Now when I say waiting is a pet peeve of mine I’m not referring to being annoyed because I’m waiting in line to be seated or in line for Starbucks. I’m referring to the many occasions I have faced due to having slow friends. First, my roommates are just naturally slow people when…show more content…
For me if someone is to make plans I like to have all the information at least a day or two in advance. I do not like waiting till last minute to hear plans. To go into more detail, I have had many times where I would be asked to go study at the library. Well if I’m told meet at the library at 9 and no one is there till 9:15-9:30 I get very agitated and usually leave and go back home. Many people call this impatience but waiting is truly one of those things I hate and forever has been a very bad pet peeve of mine. Waiting is a very broad pet peeve. I hope through my many examples listed that you understand more of what kind of pet peeve waiting is for me. Now I have tried for many years to calm my impatience through this awful pet peeve I have but as I started this year and became great friends with my roommates I soon discovered that waiting will forever be a pet peeve of
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