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INTRODUCTION Many people read The New York Times to stay updated with what’s going on in the world. But some people may feel so stressed out or worried about the problems that they have going on already. Wouldn’t it be nice to escape to a stress-free place? I know with having so much to do at school and work that I could use this and I’m sure so can you. I have just the solution to that problem. Real Estate is the best option to escape your everyday problems because it allows to escape the reality of your own life. Not only can you gain Real Estate advice, but help with your home vision as well. This guide is for people who are looking to escape their own realities, relax a little, and go to a happier place. Real Estate What better way to…show more content…
The New York Times has various articles to help you solve real life problems you may have. One of the interesting sections is “The Fix” section in which the reporter writes about how you can save more money by doing simple things to your home. “A Bedroom Your Child Won’t Outgrow” is an example of how you can use certain materials in your home that’s easy to change each year as your child gets older. This opinion and advice article offers tips about how not to spend a lot of money on furnishings your child will outgrow. It also includes a lot of pictures to help you visualize what the reporter is trying to convey to the reader and advice tips on what she thinks would be the perfect decor for that room. The author Michelle Higgins gives you a good summary on how to save money and not have to change as many things about your child’s room as he or she…show more content…
The New York Times has one of the best sections to offer if you ask me, which is the “Calculator” section in which reporters document how prices fluctuate over time. This analysis article breaks down the objective, has pictures, and is expert opinanted. The author Michael Kolomatsky summarizes how expensive it may be to live in an area you may desire. Also, he give you data pieces to show you whether or not your home value will decrease, increase, or remain steady. When you click on the Real Estate section you are immediately hit with bold headings. Its purpose is to grab the reader’s attention and to pull you in deeper on the things you may want to know. It does this by showing different article types, ranging from analysis on which cities have more renters to visual aids allowing you to see things more in-depth. On the front page they currently have an article called “Savvy First-Time Buyer Does Her Homework”. This article explains how a young woman with a vision turns an apartment into her dream home when no one else believed in her. The quote that stuck out to me the most was “Luckily, I love the thrill of the hunt,” she said. “I could see my vision,” she said. “I showed the photos to friends, and they were horrified. I was O.K . with that” (Cohen). This woman reminds me of myself because she’s a firm believer in the things she pursues. Mrs. Lewis was a self-determined

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