Descriptive Essay On Rehab

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An enormous, elegant, homely window with detailed wood and an oval-shaped top sat to the right of me with a cold drift that flowed through the cracks. The cold whisp seemed to pinch my legs with the late spring air. My eyes gazed out the homely window that I so desired to escape from, as I noticed every detail over the cigarette and air freshener smell. The faint yelling of the girl with the name of Maddison rang in my ears, leaving an aftertaste of dismay as she tried to relate to the incapacitated people in the room. As I continued to chip away at my baby blue nail polish and twiddle my thumbs I noticed my reflection in the spotted window as I stared out into the world that was stolen away from me. Continuously, I glance over at the rehab…show more content…
The information was known I would be seeing my “recovered” Father today, two days after my birthday in the well-known place: rehab. I woke up with my heart in my stomach and proceeded to do a normal morning routine before visiting my Father. In the blink of an eye, I found myself back in a familiar, yet eerie place that within holds an unexpected change of heart for many people. The quant chatter passes through one ear, and out the other. I sit for two hours aimlessly and look up to see my Father for the first time in three months. I feel my tear ducts fill and empty just at the sight of my Father. I had been putting up a wall between who I was and what was going on. The only thoughts that pass through my mind are questions I kept asking myself such as, why is it that no matter what I do, or say it will never be enough? Why is it so, that the correlation between relapse and my birthday seem to go hand and hand in a solid partnership. All of these unanswered questions run through my mind yet they never seem to be answered. Often I wish I could be strong and not let the absence of a person affect who I am. Along with the feeling of doubt, I refrain from another gaze up to save myself from feeling anything other than, nothing. Instead, I go back to staring outside through the well known homely
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