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Reseda Park, just down the street from CSUN, is a fairly large park with a lake at its center and with its grass and trees green year long. Reseda was once a sheep farm many years ago and later became a “prominent lettuce-growing region” (Community Profile). The park on Friday nights has different events like kids softball or basketball games and these programs are “to take care of our kids” (Community Profile). If you grew up in the San Fernando Valley you at some point have been to this lovely place. I personally grew up feeding the animals there. The park has its flaws just like every other park. If you go often you can end up occasionally finding a beer bottle or two. As well as plastic bags on the ground from the bread that the people feed the animals.…show more content…
They are ducks that you would normally encounter at parks or flying overhead, like Mallards. Mallards are the most common ducks seen throughout North America in ponds or lakes. They have a green head with a yellow bill with their bodies of gray and dark brown feathers. They were seen in clusters with others ducks, geese, and seagulls around people who were feeding them. Normally pigeons would be seen in the mosh pit instead of seagulls even though they are seen all throughout the western parts of North America. Upon seeing that throughout the day, one question came to mind, what effects does the climate have on birds? Many bird species are highly sensitive to the effects of climate change, their migration and breeding patterns are distorted because the environment is not suitable for inhabitation. Climate change is not much of a natural processes occurring constantly, however, the rapid increase on Earth’s temperature due to climate change sheds light on the disastrous impact being seen on migratory

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