Descriptive Essay On Rodeo

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I’m a city girl. I love the variety of people, the bright lights, and the spectacular buildings that tower overhead. So, you can imagine my surprise when my parents informed me that I’d be spending the summer with my aunt, uncle, and cousin in a large town in Texas. The last time my cousin Tamara came to visit me, she told me about the beautiful scenery around the state. She explained how she often goes to rodeos with her parents. I told her that the closest thing I have ever done to riding a bull is when I rode a mechanical horse outside of a store. Although I was unsure about what to expect, I could not wait to try something new for the summer. The day I arrived at my aunt and uncle’s home, we all sat down to a delicious feast. During the meal, my uncle suggested that we spend the next day at the national rodeo at the Marcus Ranch. With enthusiasm, I agreed, and we decided to go…show more content…
I was turning into one enormous gnat. I soon forgot the bugs as we reached the rodeo stadium, though. The sound of the bulls and horses grew to a growl as we got closer. The sight was hypnotizing. The sky did not look blue so much as dust storm brown. Uncle Ed said it was 89 degrees today, but it felt much hotter. It didn’t even seem like what I was looking at was real. I felt as if I were looking at an old western show on the history channel. Mesmerized by the view before me, I was startled when Aunt Patricia yelled,” Look out!” She disturbed the excitement of the moment, but it was a good thing because a bull’s horns almost poked me right in the stomach.” Okay let’s leave before someone does get hurt,” Aunt Patricia said. On the way back to the van, I devised a plan in my head. I’d convince my parents to come with me next time. They would really enjoy the rodeo. Perhaps, I could even persuade them to let me take horse riding
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