Descriptive Essay On Roller Coasters

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Every summer family goes to Wisconsin dells, we stay at a water park theme park called Mt. Olympus. First year we went, we went over to the theme park to just check it out and see what they had for rides and there are four roller coasters, also has an abundance of go kart tracks. I had never been on a rollercoaster and there is a rollercoaster called Pegasus. Pegasus is the smallest roller coaster at the theme park, I could have rode it but me being the chicken I was. I did not want to because I was scared as well as I had never been on a rollercoaster before. Next year we went back and then my older sister Rachel had asked me to go the biggest roller coaster called hades 360 with her, I was hesitant to go because I had never been on a roller…show more content…
We waited for roughly a one and a half hours. While we were waiting I was freaking out, thinking and wanting to change my mind about agreeing to going. We waited for so long because it was a new roller coaster, also a bountiful amount of people had wanted to ride it and someone had gotten sick on the ride as a consequence of hearing that I was even more scared about going on Hades 360. Hades 360 is the fastest roller coaster in Wisconsin dells it goes 70 miles per hour, upside down and underground. After waiting for so it was just about our turn to ascend the ride, my sister wanted to sit in the front, i had not wanted to so then after some bickering we sat in about the middle of the roller coaster. I was legitimately terrified to go, I had not wanted to go on Hades 360 anymore. Then the roller coaster left and I was screaming, my sister said put your hands up so I did and then the roller coaster started climbing the hill, we reached the top, started to drop and I started screaming

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