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Sarjekot Located at a distance of 2.5 km from the Malvan Taluk, lies a quaint and picturesque village of Nirmal. The place has won several accolades for the simple fact that the place does not impose any form of tax on the people living in the place. Though the place seems to have a small expanse, 800 metres in length and 600 metres in breadth, its name is well known to the people in both the National and the International level. For people who do not know much about the place, you need to know that the place does not have any form of alcoholic beverages. Both the young and the old live in harmony over here. People living over here belong to the Warakri Panth, they are the followers of Vittal. People coming over to this place do not have any…show more content…
Watching the sunrise early in the morning from the jetty, gives a scenic look to the entire place. When the rays of the sun fall on you, you get warmth and a peaceful feeling all over your body. Apart from these, there is also a beautiful park nearby and a picturesque location called as the Mussels Point. 2. Mussels point: The north portion of the place has a big meeting of seas while the south has a small meeting place. East portion of the place has a creek while the west has deep blue sea that turns white when it crashes on the rocks. Apart from this, there are several mussel shells, crabs and jumping fish that you can find at this place. 3. Auro gardens: Surrounded by the river on one side and sea on the other, the Auro garden is filled with Suru trees and Oon trees. There are several swing sets that fill the garden. The leaves from the Suru tree forms a bed on the floor of the garden and you can feel energized and cool, even if the outside temperature is hot. The speciality of the place is that, once inside the garden, you can enjoy the sounds of a Kingfisher bird sitting on the

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