Descriptive Essay On Skywards

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I lay gazing up towards the sky that stretched out endlessly overhead the wind blew across the plains where I lay ruffling my hair as my eyes drifted across the heavens. Several clouds passed overhead, like islands they floated high above unrestrained by the ground. As the wind blew across my face once more I could pick up the tang of the sea air. The salty taste coated my lips, and it was as if I could hear the waves lapping at the shore, ah the ocean I thought as my mind began to wander. A smile and the deep, clear blue of the water as it stretched off into the horizon. A smile played on my lips they were the easy days unrestrained by the duties that age brought with it. I sighed softly to myself. The white clouds began to grow thicker overhead as the sun was momentarily blocked casting my face into shadow, I continued to gaze skywards as a strange sound reached my ears. Bababababababababa Like the sound of a giant insects wings beating the sound echoed out across the plains as the clouds overhead were forcefully split apart by a large mass of metal. The first thing my eyes caught sight of where the large guns on the underside of the aerial warship as it descended as if the skies were there for it and it alone. Shaped in the fashion of two large ellipses fastened together through a connection in the middle four large propellers stuck out to either side, with another located at the rear. It was the king of the skies as it gracefully flew through the air forcing the

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