Snoder The Giraffe: A Short Story

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Snoder The Giraffe Snoder was a giraffe. Snoder was a tall guy, he had blue skin and his black hair glistened in the sun light. Snoder was from Canada but moved to Chewy, Colorado. That is where he met his two first friends, Declan the Dino and Luke the Lion. In the town of Chewy, they were known for their sense of humor and lack of intelligence. On one day the three had to go to school. “Mom, I don’t want to go to school.” Said Snoder while stuffing a big thing of pancakes in his mouth. “Oh sweetie, you will get to see your friends, Declan and Luke.” His mom said. Snoder agreed and set off to the bus stop. When the bus arrived, Snoder saw his friends and sat down. “Did ya’ll complain to your parents to?” Said Luke. “Yup.” They all said.…show more content…
His knee scraped bad, bleeding. It stinged. His friends not here, he had to get out! He had seen the movies when they climbed out of an air vent or a window. Maybe he could do that. Yet, he was too late. Mrs. MeowCat got there before he could do anything. Though, she stood and said, “I’m getting some paperwork, stay here.” This was his chance! He got up quickly and quietly as he could, and opened the window. “Yes! The window is right next to the ground!” So he just put his right leg out of the window then the other. He ran, then he saw his friends, Declan and…show more content…
Then there was a noise. In the lake, “YOYOYO!!” Whatever said. “I’m scared.” said Snoder. “Ya, me too!” Said Luke. “Me three!” Said Declan. Though it turned out to be Austin the Alligator! “Aye what 's popping dogs?!” Said Austin, “What ya’ll doing out here?” Relieved, Luke answered, “Long story. We will tell you later.” Now that they had Austin, Snoder was not scared. Austin was one of those guys that they were so hip, they said “dogs” and “what’s poppin” “Ya’ll should not be all the way out here, Continued Austin, let me take you- “NO! Interrupted Luke. We are literally dead meat if we go out there.” Snoder agreed. Even though he was worried about his mom, he would be in the most trouble he has ever been in, and his dad had just gone out of town for a month, so his mother was stressed. “Alright, alright. Gosh man… Lets go get something to eat. I’m starving.” Said Austin Snoder knew something was wrong. Austin said that he was starving, more like craving a gira- “Guys look! Berrys!” Said Declan. “Righteous dude!” Said Austin. They ate and ate and ate and ate and ATE! They ate so much that they all just fell

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