Descriptive Essay On Snoder The Giraffe

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Snoder The Giraffe Snoder was a giraffe. Snoder was a tall guy, he had blue skin and his black hair glistened in the sun light. Snoder was from Canada but moved to Chewy, Colorado. That is where he met his two first friends, Declan the Dino and Luke the Lion. In the town of Chewy, they were known for their sense of humor and lack of intelligence. On one day the three had to go to school. “Mom, I don’t want to go to school.” Said Snoder while stuffing a big thing of pancakes in his mouth. “Oh sweetie, you will get to see your friends, Declan and Luke.” His mom said. Snoder agreed and set off to the bus stop. When the bus arrived, Snoder saw his friends and sat down. “Did ya’ll complain to your parents to?” Said Luke. “Yup.” They all said. When the bus arrived, Snoder and his friends got off and went towards the building. They huddled in the corner that always went to. Snoder was ready to go inside. It was burning hot. So he was ready for the first day of 5th grade! It was new especially because they had the new teacher, Mrs. Bird. She had a long beak and huge I mean HUGE eyes. Yet, they heard she was nice. “I feel like today will be great! You know, messing around, having fun, it will all be great!” Said Declan. “I love it! Let’s do it!” Continued Luke, “Let’s go ring that Lion’s Club bell over there!” Snoder did want to totally cancel these “Fun” plan’s, Snoder decided to go with the flow. “Okay….. I guess. I mean, what could go wrong?” Said Snoder. So the three ran

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