Descriptive Essay On Snow Driving

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I wake up and I am anxious to hit the trails on my snowmobile. This is the first of four days on a snowmobile trip in Grand Marais, Minnesota. We all wake up and eat breakfast, then start getting ready for the day. Almost all of my family is on this trip and we’re all very excited to be here because it 's all of our first time being in Grand Marais. After everyone has eaten breakfast and gotten dressed we head outside for a very eventful day. Before we can start each snowmobile and start the day we do a pre-ride checklist. Everyone checks their snowmobile makes sure everything 's good and ready to go. We all unload our sleds and head over across the street to holiday to get gas. After fueling up we hit the local trail that leads to the Grand Portage Snowmobile Trail. It 's about a 5-10 minute ride from the hotel so we are to the trailhead in no time. When first approaching Grand Portage trail system, the trail is freshly groomed and covered with snow. We get on the trail and start seeing the beauty of Minnesota. Tall pine trees covered in snow with their branches hanging down, small shrubs just barely poking out of the snow, and lots of other large trees just blowing in the cool wind.
Going down the trail is amazing, fresh powder covers the trail and my snowmobile is handling amazing on the snow. Im zooming down the trail at about 50 mph and snow is hitting my goggles furiously. The temperature outside is about 10 degrees Fahrenheit, so the wind while riding is even
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