Descriptive Essay: The Sparkling Kitchen

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The Sparkling Kitchen
The clean and shiny kitchen is the most pleasant space in the entire house. One enters through a big arched doorway. The absence of a door makes the kitchen seems big and welcoming. The wall opposite to the doorway has a huge glass window with the view of the beautiful garden outside. The kitchen becomes part of nature. This adds freshness to the overall environment. In the middle of the kitchen is present an eating counter. All the activities converge to this eating counter making it one of the interactive place of the entire family to come together and discuss their days. The glass vase having fresh flowers makes the air smell as sweet as honey. The Wooden floor is sparkly clean. The floor gives the kitchen an earthly smell, reinforcing its connection with nature. Smooth granite cooking counter reminds ones of a medieval kitchen. The cabinets above the counter hold shiny dishes and pots, arranged in perfect alignment. The
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In my positive description, “Smooth granite cooking counter,” and “big and welcoming,” in the negative description turns into “Uneven granite surface” and “congested.” ‘Word choice’ is an essential tool when it comes to writing any kind of descriptive essay. The “sparkly clean” in my positive description becomes “dirty and dingy” in the negative paragraph.
Figurative language ‘Figurative language’ is one of the important tools that makes any piece of creative writing seem complete. I have used this tool while writing both descriptions. Similes are made part of the both negative and positive the paragraphs. The positive description the kitchen is shown as medieval masterpiece whereas in the negative description it is shown devoid of any technology and maintenance. The positive description talks about the smell of the food “as sweet as honey”. “As unorganized as a junkyard” is used for enhancing the negative environment of the kitchen.

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