Descriptive Essay On Split

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Introduction. In case you are a tourist looking to visit Croatia but have no idea where to start then I cannot recommend the city of Split more. Being the second largest city in the whole of Croatia after Zagreb, having a population of about 180, 000 people and situated on the shores of the Mediterranean; Split is a tourists haven. Indeed if you are still not aware of it the best selling movie; Game of Thrones was shot in this very city. Below is a list of five reasons why this fantastic city is worth your attention. Weather. To fully enjoy a holiday, one requires the best weather, isn 't it? Well, this is just what Split offers you; The most conducive weather you will find in the whole of Croatia. The Climate is Mediterranean with a relatively hot summer where the temperatures peak in July at an average temperature of 30 Celcius. The sea also gets pleasantly warm during this time and can range between temperatures of 22 to 27 Celcius. During such times visitors should expect about 12 hours of sunshine a day between May and June and 13 hours between July and August. Food. When all is said and done, the least mentioned but one of the most important attraction is the local food and cuisine. Luckily in Split, you get to experience the unique Dalmatian cuisine and that can only be described as nothing short than spectacular. Here is a list of Split 's specialties to try out when you get there: - Sea Food: With the city being close to the sea, it would be a sin for any
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