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I remember from sometime last year. I went to the car show with a friend and saw the design for a car called Audi TTS. That was awesome. Then the exterior look for Porsche 911 was on track. When they extricated car from the hood, I had never seen an entire crowd, so excited about the speed of a car in my entire life. The primary characteristic of a car should be the fun factor. What made it so much more interesting than the car is simple: a great fun factor concept. When there is a unique fun factor, the car is ultimately better, and these fun factor concepts have similar qualities. The biggest factor of a good sports car would be the speed of the car. One of the first car come to my mind would be the Bugatti Veyron from the Volkswagen Group.…show more content…
One car that portrays this well is the Porsche 911. The 911’s unusual opposed-piston, rear-engine design distributes weight more equitably than front-engine cars. As a result, the Porsche 911 provides a fast, maneuverable, and thrilling drive. This is important because it attracts people, and I have a sense of feeling like a beauty when I see Porsche 911, and it’s mainly due to the design of the car. Some of the most glamorous examples of sports car include Lamborghini's Huracan. Lamborghini has set innovative design trends in the world of super sports cars. Huracan has an amazing design that can tear air and move forward. Huracan has such a good exterior design will make the car more attractive and supercar. Another car that has an excellent outline is the Ford GT. It is a road car with an excellent arrangement of lines or shapes created to design. Everything about the Ford GT is designed to deliver pure performance. Its teardrop-shape body is the result of extensive work in the wind tunnel. I think it’s the perfect car for the design because it was designed to deliver the extraordinary speed. Overall these cars are great because of their design, without this their popularity would be a lot lower. Also, the great car design makes sports car more attractive and

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