Descriptive Essay On Staying Afloat

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Staying Afloat As I stride through the enchanting passageway leading to booming music hall, the symphony of people dancing and singing in unison is dragging me in by the hand. There are many luminous flashing lights and a spectacular array of various people and cultures: some adolescents to developed individuals who are dressed in all different fashions, from hipster to goth to more mature folk who are simply blessed to be a part of this beautiful aura. Fighting my way through an ocean of people who are as strong and tall as crashing waves, I make my way to the alluring drink stand opposite the stage. I wait patiently in the never ending line of party goers awaiting their beverage - the familiar stink of sweat and alcohol is welcoming. The atmosphere is homely, each individual sway in unison, in a trance to the beat of the music. It is an exceptional sight to behold, complete strangers harmonising as if they had been great friends for years. I sip on my beer and sway with the crowd admiring the sheer delight conveyed from the scenery. Damn, I feel alive. The stereo is booming as loud as thunder composing abstract blares. There is a rumble in the crowd and all of a sudden everyone is uncoordinated and disorientated. A peculiar looking man extremely formally dressed and high in stature put a stop to the music and explained that we’re having some “minor issues”. He has abruptly pranced off stage, exchanging worrying looks to a thick, gorilla-like man, who was quivering and

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