Descriptive Essay On Superbowl

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This year we had Superbowl L (50), a big milestone in Superbowl history. The Superbowl is known for its funny, silly, and ridiculous ads. Some funny ones this year have been the Heinz ad, At&t ad with Steve Harvey and the Snickers ad. We saw a lot of good ads this year. One of my favorites was the Doritos commercial with the pregnant lady getting an ultra sound. It is silly, but this ad might not have really sold us anything. The Doritos ad starts off with a woman getting an ultrasound of her baby that is about to come out. Her husband is eating a bag of Doritos and she doesn 't like that. She is telling the nurse about how she doesn 't like that he is eating really loud chips. Her husband then moves the Doritos around and finds that the baby in the ultrasound is following the Doritos wanting them. "Look he 's following the Doritos," the dad said. The dad jerks around the Doritos and it hurt the mom so she threw the Doritos in front of her and the…show more content…
This, kind of weird, commercial was definitely persuading me to buy Doritos. "Ah!," everyone screamed as the baby was coming out of the mom. Well, there really isn 't any other reason to have a Doritos ad. They showed me how much this baby wanted the Doritos and he was even born yet. This ad was kind of weird ad silly, but if that baby wanted Doritos that bad than everyone should go and try them. Which makes this ad successful with the people. If you saw this commercial and wanted Doritos there has to be more people out there that also saw it and wanted Doritos. In conclusion, the Doritos ad was one of the best ads in the Superbowl. It was silly and a little bit weird, but did sell us something. It was very funny and silly, pretty enjoyable. This ad was definitely in the top 10 Superbowl ad of 2016. If you have not seen this ad you should look it up on YouTube and watch this or the top 10 Superbowl ads. The people who made this ad should be proud because it was funny and still sold us something. EDIT Add class
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