Descriptive Essay On The Airport

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The snow was coming down in buckets, the wind was blowing so that it about blew our plane off the runway when I attempted to take off. I was just trying to get to a convention in Dallas but mother nature had other Ideas so it looked like I was stuck at Reagan Airport until morning when the storm passed. The time was 10 pm and all the hotels were booked so I would have to sleep in the hangar where my company kept their airplanes. I began to search the hanger for blankets so I could make myself a makeshift bed. As my search began through the rooms filled with products and prototypes that I would bring to conventions and trade shows to try and sell. I came across a device my team and I had made when we first started off 15 years ago. Our oringinal purpose for the device was to revsere climite change that had swallowed florida in to the sea, turned the west coast into the world largest desert and had caused 30 million deaths in the united states in the past 20 years alone. Unfortuntily the device did not work as intended and lead to the dissapernces of two of my reasearchers and we discontinued the project.
So I 'm sitting at an airport just minding my business waiting for my flight to be called so I can take off and leave and some guy just come and sit next to me like I thought nothing of it because busy airport and I just want to place to sit but I take a look anyway see who it is maybe somebody I know maybe not I turn my head and it 's Franklin Roosevelt 's or shake my

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