Descriptive Essay On The Bear

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I walked through the aisle as I look for something that will catch my eyes, I have walked for hours in this damn mall but I still can’t find anything. My friend’s birthday was coming up and I was trying to think of something to give her for a gift. Well, I don’t really know what she likes but maybe I would get something that is useful. It was getting late so I decided to look at the toys aisle for one last time. And then I saw a little cute cream colored fluffy bear with a red ribbon, maybe that would use? I bought that bear and got home. After some hours eating dinner, washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, mopping the floor, and taking a cold ass shower I can finally get some sleep. I woke up the next day to the sound of the garbage truck hurling and taking in garbage bags like a monster eating its prey with the sun hitting my eyes so fucking bright like a sizzling grill. It was Saturday, which means free time. I brushed my teeth and washed my groggy face. I walked down the stairs and opened the fridge to get some chocolate milk. After doing some chores, I got down to do a wrapper for the gift. I got out some paper and started coloring it with pink and black, and threw in some glitter. After some hours later, the gift was ready; the bear is now sleeping in a box wrapped with pink and black paper. Well, I didn’t have anything to do that day so I read a book, and spent some time flicking through the channels to find something to watch but somehow fell asleep and woke up
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