Narrative Essay: The Tragedy Of Jaguar Valley

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May I present The Beast! This is a project I will be working on for a while, however I don’t make any promises for when chapters will be uploaded. I will try and get one out every week though. Let me know what you guys think of this and feel free to point out any grammatical errors because I write most of my stories at 2 am in the morning. ______________________________________________________________ Prologue The Tragedy of Jaguar Valley Through the roses and the thorns, through the brush and the leaves, in the darkness of the this god-forsaken forest rested a young man. He couldn’t have been older than 25, with the slightest bit of stubble showing itself on his chin. He sat in his chair, nonchalantly looking up at the canopy of vibrant…show more content…
We could make quite the apple cider with this beauty. John carefully stashed the apple in his pocket, while trying to find where this blessed fruit came from. After a few seconds spinning in circles looking for the tree John spotted it. The tree was magnificent, perhaps the tallest apple tree John had ever seen. Its branches were brimming with life; just being around the tree was exhilarating. It was almost as if the tree was calling to him, luring him in with its beauty. The branches were filled to the brim with apples just like the one John picked up before. The branches of the gorgeous tree seemed to be drooping with the sheer weight of the apples. Despite the rain from the night before, these branches looked quite dry. Without so much as a second thought John started making his way towards the tree, although something peculiar was happening as he neared it. Each step closer towards the tree and another apple dropped from its branches. As the apple fell to the ground it became completely rotten. The leaves soon started to fall, the branches lost their strength and started becoming duller. An extremely confused John tried to step away from the rotting tree, yet his legs wouldn’t move. John froze and his eyes became very

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