Descriptive Essay: A Day At The Bergton Fair

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Rocking gently, the car of the Ferris Wheel stops at the very top. Below, the lights of the carousel glow yellow, green, and pink as the carousel turns, giggling children and parents riding its proud horses. We hear the screams of the riders on the Zipper as they spin through the night air. Mingled smells of funnel cakes and popcorn complement the banjo and harmonies of a bluegrass band. As we lean over the safety bar, we smile at the Bergton Fair below on this humid August night, and then we slowly look from the scene to face one another. The sounds, the colors, the aromas fade, and we are alone except for the stars, not just on top of the Ferris Wheel, but on top of the world at the moment. George (Clooney, that is!) leans closer for a kiss.…show more content…
Our date winds up in the most delightful way possible: the “down home” way. Strolling hand in hand through the fairground, we play games, trying to knock over milk bottles with balls and then climb a wobbly rope ladder to the top to win a huge lime green stuffed dog, but we can’t win a thing. Little children buzz around us like fireflies with clouds of cotton candy in their fists and bags of popcorn as big as they are. Eventually the sun sinks and the lights come on, and as the air cools, the fair sparkles like a mini-Manhattan. As we wander our wonderland, we share a funnel cake, hot and sweet. I reach up and softly rub a touch of powdered sugar from George’s chin and say, “Come on! Let’s ride the Ferris Wheel!” He laughs in return and replies, “That is my favorite thing to do!” We clamber into the car, and up into the sky we rise for the second time that day. When the car stops at the very top and we share that special kiss, I know that this is the best date ever. From breakfast at Mr. J’s, to the balloon ride, to that moment atop the Ferris Wheel, the day is cozy, breathtaking, and “down home,” full of one Instagram worthy moment after another, truly a “most delightful date.” As I lay my head on George’s shoulder on the limo ride home, I realize, however, that although, our date has been fantastic, next time it’s his turn to plan the most delightful date...and pay
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