The Border-Personal Narrative

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There it was. Out of the horizon a cemented segment of buildings emerged. I let out a huge sigh of relief as I slowly marched towards it. I knew that once I entered, I would be welcomed. Out of the rooftops two variations of flags waved at us. The first flag was black, red and white in a regular horizontal tricolor formation while the other was a tricolor sandwich, with red buns and a white center. My trembling, shaking, shivering ankles could not wait until the moment I could rest. The sky was sparkling with sunlight as the light breeze carried, until I had finally reached the border. However, my spurt of hope was short lived as a dozen of protesters lined up on the border. The protesters roared with frustration as they refused to allow…show more content…
We filled our forms the best we could and were brought into a room for an interview before our papers would be sent for approval. There there were four men, one at each corner, both carrying military grade weapons. Their black paint shined as the bright, flashing light in the room reflected off them. Their death pointing barrels prepared as their bullet chambers were ready for any trouble. They checked me and then allowed me to on the other end of the desk where the interviewer sat. He wore a hitman like suit, extremely flashy, deflecting light better than any mirror could and made from top quality wool. I handed over my papers and awaited any…show more content…
Surely they’d know most refugees are not terrorists but rather human beings searching for freedom and safety? But out of the blue, it hit me nearly as hard as the tomatoes thrown at me prior the interview. Just as there are Syrian terrorists, there are refugee hating Germans such as the violent protesters and others who treat people with different beliefs or ethnicity as rubbish. Although they are usually nowhere near as dangerous or revolting as ISIS, I see them in a similar light; they are clearly not the majority, but are the loudest. After having thought of this strange reality, I had an entirely different understanding of the protesters as well as the safety precautions put in place and even had an appreciation for all the government had done to provide security while allowing refugees such as me

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