Descriptive Essay On The Church

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As I stepped out of my car, I acknowledge that the church was surrounded by trees, which gave it a calming and peaceful sensation, the building was long with a triangular shaped form, with burgundy bricks surroundings and a bit of white in the front entrance and some at the very top and sides with a dark beige roofing to give the church some color, the windows seemed to be a tinted crystal glass that was designed with blues and a beige color. As I made my way into the church their was an entry room where a man and a women and what seemed to be their two children greeted me and handed me a pamphlet that described what was going to take place in that days Sunday school and mass, then I made my way to another pair of doors where I could hear the choir singing, as I opened the doors the inside of the church was a tan wood looking color all around and had matching tan benches with burgundy red bedding to match the carpet, the thing that stood out most to me when I walked in was the large cross that was in the very front that shined very bright as if the sun was hitting it to give the whole church light, when I looked below the cross, the choir was singing and beside it was a women playing a piano with so much passion and in front of them was a the pastors book stand also a matching tan color with his bible. The people were very kind as I sat down next to a friend that attends that church, they welcomed me with open arms and talked a bit about them self’s and the amount of time
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