Descriptive Essay On The Environment

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I stepped out onto the deck with an optimistic grin, excited to see the bountiful harvest that was sure to have accumulated in the past week. However, the glares of sunlight shining down seemed to be mocking me as I stared in horror at the swarm of pests surrounding my drooping tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce. Leaping across the barren, faded deck in one stride, I quickly grabbed the hose and tried to power-blast the buzzing nuisances off my precious crops, but to no avail. In desperation, I abandoned the hose and tried to protect my wilting plants with my arms, but the pests were relentless in their beset.

I had always thought that I was capable of growing my own garden, especially since I had such a love for it. This passion was incited when I was in middle school, participating in lake cleanups at Lake Braddock just for the fun of it. As I moved up to high school, I joined the Eco-Movement club, where I participated in trash audits, green beautification, and energy preservation. In these efforts with my classmates we were trying to rectify already existing problems in the environment, but I decided to take the initiative to prevent harm to the environment before it happened. I wanted to do more for the environment, which is why I decided to grow my own garden in my front yard and deck. My garden developed into a community garden, where neighbors and friends could pick the sesame seeds leaves in my front yard as they pleased. By growing and sharing
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