Descriptive Essay On Sea Park

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The parched and warm day when the sizzling sun was frying the sidewalk divided by sharpened boxes; the year 10 boys were chugging to MIA Park. The boys from year 10 were ready to leave to the “green world”. The shouting of the crowd in the bus strike my ear buds encouraging me to also join the fun: the excitement of going to the park was increasing! The bus tilts for a second to take a turn, we are there, parked in front of the park. The sadness to abandon the bus was washed away when the “paradise” was seen from a far distance: the path leading to the park was full of soaring trees and sprinklers providing shelter to the oasis. As our gentle and calm footsteps “stomp” across the maze full of embellishing flowers we realize how much detail…show more content…
The reunion was formed again: it is now time to explore after the meal of the Panini, of where the cheese was sliming through the thin crust! The meal was complete with a refreshing bottle of water. The exploration begins with the Chinese exhibition with exhibits from all over china. The pull of the glass door takes force but is returned when the group walks into the dark room. . The echoing of our footsteps increased as we walked close to the antiques being protected by a thick glass cubes. The first antique that shock us is the senior general of china. The cement statue being colorless filled the colors of wonder. The cracks in the statue warning how fragile this antique is, putting us in a situation as if the senior general is moving closer to us. The senior general was not the only statue but had a whole army with it, also having a horse. Then our group jumped up the steeply curved stairs to a permanent exhibition where the atmosphere was calm and was a pleasure. Where the Iraqi bowl attracted me running towards it, the fine piece of art from the 9th century was the spotlight. It had fine calligraphy on it making it even more stunning. Now it was time to move on to the Muhammed Ali exhibition were a theater was present, showing an all-star video of him. The first gloves he used were present there as

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