Descriptive Essay On The Green World

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The parched and warm day when the sizzling sun was frying the sidewalk divided by sharpened boxes; the year 10 boys were chugging to MIA Park. The boys from year 10 were ready to leave to the “green world”. The shouting of the crowd in the bus strike my ear buds encouraging me to also join the fun: the excitement of going to the park was increasing! The bus tilts for a second to take a turn, we are there, parked in front of the park. The sadness to abandon the bus was washed away when the “paradise” was seen from a far distance: the path leading to the park was full of soaring trees and sprinklers providing shelter to the oasis. As our gentle and calm footsteps “stomp” across the maze full of embellishing flowers we realize how much detail there is in this park, as the greenery grapples our eyes. After moments of the astonishing walk through the maze, a big green board is spotted saying “hill this way”, the group launches towards it, as the hike begins to the top of the hill; our rough leather shoes reflect off the perfectly mowed grass: The target fly’s closer to us; the only thing that we can spot is a dead end, which is our destiny. The happiness of being up is overwhelming: the pain and thirst is all released as we descent towards the gentle glass: giving the remarkable view of the blue cloudless sky, where the Qatar airways planes are flying above us, it was time to get up and explore the park; we started off by the walk around blue sea until the muscular security

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