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The Hunger Games. A book that truly blossomed throughout the lives of many teens, kids and adults. Written by Suzanne Collins, a now very famous figure in the dystopian genre had an idea to change the way a dystopian book should written. Like I said, this book is a dystopian and is my second favorite dystopian book from Divergent which is another very good dystopian. The Divergent idea came from the Hunger Games book. Suzanne Collins had inspired writers to publish new books that are coming to the interest of kids mostly above 10 years old. The setting takes place in "District 12", a place of ruin and despair. All districts were made to show everyone how it feels to have war and depression of loss. Nobody in the districts has much wealth…show more content…
This is the kind of book that makes you want to read that next page so you leave off understanding what 's going on with Katniss and her life in and out of the arena. In my overall rating I would give this book a 9.9/10 because it just so intense and creative. The one slip for me was just the beginning. A few things I liked about this book had to of been that at many points in the book I was excited for the games. When the games part came around I thought they were very intense with much to read about. I was scared at the point when Prim(Katniss ' little sister) was called for the the games. During the games I really had to think because it crossed my mind that what if Katniss were to lose and what would it be like if she won? It 's just a good thing to think about because it makes you think. The author did a great job of making you want to keep reading. The author used a few words I had to take a second look at although most others were easy. The author used good words that described a part shorter than it could be without the word. I actually looked up a few of the words in the book and they are now included in my own

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