Descriptive Essay On The Lawn

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Gazing outside the balcony, I am greeted by the magnificent wonders of nature. It was no less than a scene taken out of a storybook. The garden was as colorful as an artist’s pallet. The setting sun was filtering through the orange clouds giving a feeling of warmth. Trees with their color changing leaves welcome the coming of the new season. The smooth stone walkway along flower hedges leading to the pond takes one’s back to the medieval era reminding a person of the cobbled streets of Italy. Moreover, filtering sun rays makes the water glisten and the pebbles on the water bed sparkle like diamonds. The soothing warm breeze carries the fragrance of the flowers calming one's nerves. The breeze makes the trees sways sprinkling the reds leaves on the ground as confetti. The whole ambiance of the lawn looks therapeutic, relieving the stress. The quietness of the lawn makes one feel relaxed. The birds flying across the sky brings life to the environment by their melodious voices. Surreal wooden furniture in the…show more content…
Whereas in my negative paragraph I talk about “The weeds in the garden seem to have grown everywhere,” and leave it in my positive scene where it would have changed the pleasant essence of description.
Show vs tell
I used “show sentences”, in order to make my writing more picturesque. This way the readers can imagine the space vividly in their head. For example, I talk about “.filtering sun rays makes the water glisten,” “Quivering in agony they shred the few leaves left on them”. This information about the lawn magnifies the imaginative quality of the

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