Descriptive Essay On The Prairie Rattlesnake

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The Prairie Rattlesnake You need to be careful and be aware of your surroundings, as even the safest places could become the most dangerous zones you’ll ever be in. Back in 2010, my sister and I had a very close call and one of us could’ve been badly hurt or even killed. Because of these events, I have learned to always check my surroundings whenever I’m somewhere vulnerable. It was back in June of 2010. Approaching the one-year mark since moving into my current home, my family and I became well acquainted with the place, starting to know every nook and cranny. Since that day was warm and pleasant to be outside for, my sister and I headed outside from our garage. The sun was merciless that day, the scorching heat beating down on us, however,…show more content…
After a while, we took our burning lungs and exhausted bodies inside to get some drinks. After gulping down an amount of juice equal to the Niagara Falls, we headed back to the cans to throw our trash away. The old, thick rope seems to have moved position since encounter. Now, being the idiot I was at the time, I decided to grab a short nearby stick and poke at it a bit. I started noticing spots on the “rope’s” textures. And after a short and curious minute or so, it uncurled and started to slither towards us. Of course, it wasn’t a rope or anything as we have thought. Standing in front on my younger sister, on guard, we slowly moved back towards our garage as the deceiver creeped towards us. With about 5 feet between us, it lunged forwards right at mine or my sister’s legs. I shoved her back with the sharp of my elbow and I took a far leap back as well, and that point, I evacuated ourselves from the garage and right inside, faster than bullets. The devil was still slithering towards us as all this unfolded and we slammed our door before it got anywhere near. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Usain Bolt would have difficulty reaching the speeds my sister and I
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