Descriptive Essay On The Sode Barrier

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The Cliché Barrier A cliché is a clever word, phrase or opinion that has been so overused, that it has lost all meaning and betrays a lack of original thought. Clichés tend to quickly kill the meaning of what you are trying to communicate. When listeners hear or read a cliché, they quickly take note of it and begin to cross-reference and compare it to the other past experiences in which they experienced the cliché. The listener or reader then loses all interest in the message trying to be conveyed as they have lost their train of thought. An example of a cliché I have used is “let’s think outside the box”. At one point in time, I am sure this was a very inspiration phrase, but not in today’s world. When I used the cliché, it was my intention to motivate my fellow coworkers. Sadly, it had the opposite effect. The image this cliché generated was so passé that my coworkers quickly lost their enthusiasm and my message was lost. The Jargon Barrier Jargons are terminologies used to simplify a concept. They are often used by professionals to help with memorization. Jargons were meant to enhance communication, and in truth they do. However, they just as equally hamper it as well. New employees entering a workplace at entry level status are often unaware of the corporate term, and thusly, require time and further training in order to learn this knowledge. Performing a job will be difficult for any employee, who can fully comprehend his or her task because they are unfamiliar with

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