Write An Essay About'september 21 '

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“September 21.” "This story is set on a certain small island, somewhere remote off the east coasts of Malaysia, at a certain academy." The constant whizzing of air contrasted heavily with the setting sun. Its solitary light slowly inched itself into the tranquil bedroom. "Due to a huge typhoon hitting this isolated island school during schooling hours, the students and teachers are forced to barricade windows and spend a night together as the tycoon continued to roar through the evening." Once a room of monochrome hue became glazed with a rich streak of orange that had now seemed to have pierced itself through the open window and dark interior. “The protagonist, a student at this academy, hears a cry for help from outside the safety of the academy walls. Being a reckless boy with a flourished sense of morality, the protagonist rushes outside towards the fleeting voice in hopes of providing aid."…show more content…
It’s already a little while past two when I close my bedroom door while slowly sipping the now chilly water. “Someday, someone will resonate with the signals I send out. It’s not a bad thing if no one does either; everything’s a win-win right now.” After placing the cup down slowly on the desk, I essentially leap into bed and hug myself as I display actions a baby would do in bed. I’m splintering into various directions at once—grief, followed by anger, then panic. The last thing I need this late at night is to feel those either of those emotions again, instead I force my thoughts to go the current place that would calm
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