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On a warm spring day in the busy city of Atlanta, I attended a hardcore concert at the historic venue, The Tabernacle. The Tabernacle is A large old church, smack in the middle of active Midtown, with the view of a large ferris wheel and cityscape. The streets were alive and loud with the sounds of another music festival happening in the nearby park, people going about their nights, and concert goers waiting to be let in. Combined this paragraph with the second because they share similar topic. A huge line of people stretched all the way around the building. I stood there in the April heat, causally chit chatting with my boyfriend Max. We talked about which songs we wanted to hear the most, if we would see any of the members before the show, and how the crowd would be. We passed the time by taking pictures of our fast paced surroundings, and sharing a slurpee to keep us cool from the heat.
After a long wait, we were finally able to move into the venue. The move from the outside to inside was very hectic, people pushing and shoving to get in, security trying to check
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We looked around, every inch of the ground seemed covered with someone standing for the band performing on stage, even the balacony seats were packed. We quickly found a spot to stand in the back of the venue. We squeezed into the crowd to a spot where we both could see the stage. We watched as the first band performed, a band called Caspian. Their sound was a type of melodic, noisy rock that had no vocals, just instruments. The band had a clever use of visuals and lights to go along with their music. A wide array of colors on a black and white, galaxy-like backdrop. We stood there in awe at the band's creative sound, getting lost in the guitar riffs. Each song was a beautifully written piece with unique arrangement of notes. They ended their set by taking apart the drums and each member using the different drums one by

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